- Channel Specific Notification Schedulers Customization

Users can now customize the default notification settings for each sales channel, including the email content, subject, and recipients.

To customize the email notification schedulers:

  • Go to Settings-> Notification Schedulers

  • Go to Transaction notifications-Email Selections section.
  • Besides, each notification of each channel, you can spot an Edit button (three horizontal lines icon). Click on the Edit button.

  • It brings up a dialog, Notification Settings, displaying the default notification content (of that particular notification and channel).

Note - If the notification content has been customized previously, the edit button will appear green.


  • The content will be auto-populated. However, you can change the values and content in the fields as per your need and click on Save.
  • You cannot keep Notification Email From Address blank.

  • Clicking on Save, the edit button immediately turns green.

Check out the demo video