Listing Products on Multiple Amazon Channels

Agiliron supports the ability for listing one product in multiple Amazon channels. For example, if you have two different Amazon channels, the orders from each channel for the same product will enter Agiliron and the inventory from each channel can be managed for that product in one location.

To begin, setup each Amazon channel in Agiliron:

  • First, create the first Amazon channel and complete channel setup as outlined in this section.
  • Next, navigate to Settings > Channels and create the second channel (following the same instructions from above) and save. Be sure to follow the setup procedures and map shipping, payment, taxes, etc.
  • Edit the channel and connect to the second store using the same instructions followed previously. Please note, the second store name must be different than the first Amazon channel created.

Products Already Listed on Amazon

For products that already exist on Amazon, the Amazon ASIN for the products in Agiliron will need to be edited to include the Amazon ASIN for both channels. This can be done manually if you have only a few products listed on multiple channels, or by entering the Amazon ASINs into the Product Import Template. The Amazon ASINs must follow a very specific format regardless if entering manually or adding via import.

The following format must be used for entering the Amazon ASINs:

Channel-Name:Amazon ASIN ID1|Channel-Name:Amazon ASIN ID2 (note - there must be no spaces)

example: MyStore1:B06XS15SGC|MyStore2:B01AVE2PXY

  • Please note that the channel name must be entered exactly as the channel name from Settings > Channels.

To enter the Amazon IDs manually, navigate to Products>Products and click the "Edit" icon next to the product.

  • Scroll down to the Stock Information section. In the ASIN field enter the channels and Amazon ASINs using the specified format Channel-Name: Amazon ASIN ID1|Channel-Name: Amazon ASIN ID2.
  • Click "Save" to finish.
  • The product is now connected to multiple Amazon channels.

The ASINs for multiple stores can be imported using the Product Import Template as well. Enter the Amazon ASIN information into the ASIN field in the spreadsheet as shown below. Products can be imported per the instructions found here.

New Amazon Listings from Agiliron

For products that will be listed directly to Amazon from Agiliron the Amazon ASIN information for each channel is automatically populated and the manual steps are not necessary.