Pushing Specials to the Magento Remote WebStore

  • "Products > PriceBooks" tab provides the list of PriceBooks in the system.
  • The PriceBooks can be designated as Specials PriceBook using the checkbox as shown below.

For the specific Magento Remote Store channel ("Settings > Channel > edit" the channel), you can assign a specific PriceBook as being the one for Specials for that channel as shown below.

  • Once the Specials PriceBook has been assigned, any products added to this PriceBook are automatically posted to the Magento Remote Store as a Product on Sale.
  • It will display in the "Specials" page on the WebStore with strike-through pricing reflecting the Sale Item. The original price is posted from the PriceBook assigned for this channel and the Sale Price from the "Specials" PriceBook assigned for this channel.