Add Product Picture

This section will demonstrate how to add an image to the product through the Warehouse App.

Select the "Add Picture" button on the home screen to begin.

  • Select any product from the list to add a picture.

  • Click "Add Image".

A list of options will appear for selection. Images can be added by taking a photo with the camera, or by selecting an image from the photo gallery.

In case you select Camera A pop up will appear asking for permission to access the camera/image gallery. Click "OK" to continue.

The image can be taken/selected and will then be added to the product as shown below.

Click "ADD PICTURE" to save.

  • A green checkmark will appear in the Status column indicating the product has been updated.

When all images have been added, select "Done" or "Back" to return to the home screen.

  • Select "Sync Order & Product Updates to Back-Office" to save the product data.