Sales Detail Report

Sales Detail Reports can be created for a specific date, customer, payment type, etc. using the filters below.

  • Click the Sales Detail Report button. The following pop-up window is displayed.
  • The report displays the current days details by default.
  • Select the Start/End Date fields and click "Apply Filter" to view sales from various dates along with totals at the bottom of the report for the date range selected.
  • Select the filter icon next to the "Account Name" column to run the report by customer account name. This is useful for viewing customer purchase history at the POS.
  • To print the report, click Print Report. The following page is displayed.
  • Any filters applied to the columns in the report (or using the date range) will print as well.
  • Select the required printer and click Print to print the report.
  • To email the report, click Email Report . The following popup window is displayed.
  • Enter the email address and click OK.

Note: The above print screen view may be different depending on the web browser used.