Channel Product Mapping Import

Products that exist in sales channels such as Shopify and BigCommerce can be exported once the channel is connected to Agiliron (instructions here for exporting products and Slave ID's from channels). If products already exist in Agiliron, the Slave ID's from the sales channels can be mapped to the Agiliron to "connect" the products. Connecting the products allows inventory, pricing, etc. to be updated automatically in the sales channels (assuming auto-updates are turned on in the channels) once updated in Agiliron.

  • To import the Slave ID's for products, navigate to Products > Products and select "Import Products".
  • On the next screen select "Next".
  • Select "Channel Product Mapping Only" and click "Next".
  • Select the CSV mapping file and click "Next".
  • Review the Database Field column and make sure there are no mapping errors (should not see the text "Do Not Map This Field") and select "Import Now".
  • A progress bar will appear indicating the status of the import.
  • Once completed, the Product Slave ID's will then be connected from the Sales Channel to Agiliron.