Kit Products

This is a product type that supports the bundling of finished goods (products) for sale as a new product. This capability can be utilized for marketing promotions (such as buy-one-get-one-free twin packs) and bundling combination products (gift baskets), etc.

  • When the Kit product is sold, inventory from each component within the kit is reduced.
  • Inventory does not need to be "pre-built" as with the Assembly products, and Kits do not house their own inventory quantities.
  • The unit cost will be automatically calculated based on the cost of components within the kit.
  • Once a product is created as an "Kit", select ( "Add Product to Kit" ) under Stock Information to specify the kit components and their quantities.

Click Save when finished.

  • The unit cost now displays the total cost for all components added to the Kit along with the components and their respective quantities.