Sales Return

Next, let's now walk-through the transfer of data from Agiliron to QuickBooks for Sales Returns.

The Sales Returns can be found under the "Orders > Sales Return" tab.

In the example shown in the images below, we will focus on Sales Return No. 20.

Note: Orders that are marked "Canceled" will be exported with Sales Returns.


Details for Sales Return 20 are shown below.


Now let's launch:

  • "QuickBooks" (be sure to open the right company file) and;
  • the "Agiliron Sync Application" on your Windows computer.
  • In the Agiliron Sync Application, click the "Sync Sales Returns Canceled Orders from Agiliron" tab.
  • Here you will see that the system recognizes that there are Sales Returns (and/or Canceled Orders) that are waiting to be synchronized with QuickBooks.

Let's go ahead and click on the "Sync to QuickBooks" button. This now transfers this order information to your QuickBooks Company file.

Note: It is important to note here that you do not need to do this for every order. As the orders come in, the system will recognize and keep accumulating them till you initiate the sync.


Let's take a look at the Credit Memo that has now been created for the customer.

  • You can see that all the details have come in correctly - including the Customer Information, the Payment and Shipping Methods, Product Line items, Taxes and other elements of the order.