Sales Return Form Fields

The Sales Return definition form contains many pre-defined fields organized in to various buckets, the list of fields (from top to bottom of the form) and their intended use is detailed below - all fields marked with a * are mandatory, the rest are optional. Most of the fields are transferred automatically from the Sales Order so see Section Sales Order Form Fields for details on those fields.

The fields that are unique to Sales Returns are covered below:

Sales Return Information

  • RMA Number
  • Enter the RMA (Return Material Authorization) Number if it is provided to customer authorizing the return
  • Optionally, the system can be set up to automatically generate an unique RMA# for every Sales Return
  • Status
  • Created - Set automatically on creation of Sales Return
  • Authorized - can record the authorization of the return from the customer (with optional RMA number)
  • Shipped - can record the shipment by customer (with optional capture of Tracking number)
  • Received - records the receipt of the return from customer (can be set in the "Shipping & Receiving > Receiving" tab
  • Paid - records refund made to customer (if any)
  • Completed - Set automatically when all other states are completed
  • Payment Information
  • Capture the Payment Method and amount of refund to customer
  • Address Information
  • Billing Address for refund to customer
  • Delivery Address for returns from customer
  • Product Details
  • Items being returned by customer