Custom Views

As the number of module entities grows in size (e.g. more Products are added), Custom views are a powerful capability that allows you to filter the elements of data that are of interest and view them in a list table with customized columns. The system comes pre-configured with a set of views for each module.

These views can be customized or new ones can be created as shown in the sub-sections after this one.


Entity Sub-Tabs

In many of the modules, once a product or vendor has been created additional sub-tabs will appear on screen. The transactions displayed in these tabs pull from the respective module's default view. Some of these views can be edited and the views will update in these tabs.

In this example we will review the Product sub-tabs. When an activity such as a Sales or Purchase Order occurs, the transactions can be found in the respective sub-tabs as shown below.

  • Click on the drop down icon to see additional modules.
  • Selecting the Sales Orders tab in the product will display the view that is set for the Sales Orders module located under Orders > Sales Orders.
  • The following sub-tab views can be controlled via custom view:
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders