Matrix Item Products

This product type allows tracking of product inventory by user defined attributes - e.g. color, size.

This is most commonly applied for products like apparel, shoes, etc. but can be generally used when the inventory for the product is necessary to be managed by specific defined attributes or "child" skus.

  • Inventory is tracked by the number of items of the attribute combinations in stock (e.g. Shirt - "X-Large: White", "X-Large:Black", "Large:White") and can be tracked by stock locations if the business maintains inventory in multiple stock locations.
  • These attributes can be also displayed on a website for customer selection while shopping.

Before creating a Matrix-type product, Matrix Attributes must first be created under Settings > Matrix Items Configuration. Instructions for creating Matrix Attributes can be found here.

Select the "Matrix Item" checkbox in the Product Type section when creating a new product. Follow the instructions for creating a new product as outlined here.


  • Once the product is created and saved, click "edit" on the product. Now you will select the matrix attributes you want to associate with the new matrix product.
  • In the "Matrix Definition" area (located under the Stock Information section), select an attribute by clicking on the attribute name. In the example below we selected Sizes S, M, and L and Colors Black, Khaki, Navy Blue, and Brown. When created, there will be SKUs for S:Black, M:Black, L:Black, S:Khaki, M:Khaki, etc.
  • Select multiple attributes by "Ctrl-Clicking" on multiple attributes, selecting attributes in succession by using "Shift-Click".
  • Click "Save" when finished.

  • Once saved, a new tab will appear in the product labeled "Matrix Items". This is where the child SKU details and stock information is maintained.
  • By default, the Unit Cost will pick up the value entered in the Product tab when creating the product. If the unit cost for the child SKUs are different than the parent SKU, they can be edited here.
  • The total inventory of the product is managed by Stock location(s) (one or more) and by the different Matrix SKUs. If you have inventory that is on hand and you want to "set" the inventory quantity in Agiliron without creating a sales order, you can do so in this section.
  • Click the "Edit" link next to an attribute.

The following screen will appear in which changes to inventory-related parameters can be made, such as:

  • Barcode - enter a child SKU barcode
  • Matrix SKU Code - this is the child SKU for the item, it is highly recommended to enter data in this field, especially if products will be exported/re-imported.
  • Quantity - enter a quantity here to "set" inventory without a purchase order.
  • Reorder Level - if stock notifications are turned on, a notification will be sent to the assigned user indicating the stock is low.
  • Preferred Stock Level - available in Enterprise and higher editions, maintains inventory level at the value specified in this field.
  • Unit Cost - this is the unit cost of the child SKU. By default, the parent SKU unit cost is displayed here. Enter a value if different from the parent SKU.
  • ASIN/FNSKU - Amazon ASIN and FBA Warehouse skus go here.
  • eBay Variation SKU - enter the eBay variation SKU here if this is a variation listing on eBay.
  • Size/Color - automatically picks up from matrix attribute definitions.
  • Matrix SKU Image - select image(s) for the child SKU (can add multiple images here).
  • Click "Save" to finish.

  • Once saved, the SKUs will update with the information provided.

  • To delete a Matrix Item SKU, click the "Delete" link for that SKU.
  • To Restore a previously deleted Matrix Item SKU, click on the "Restore Deleted SKUs" link at the bottom of the "Matrix Items" tab.

Multiple Stock Locations

  • If your Agiliron instance contains multiple stock locations, once a matrix child SKU has been created, that item will display in each stock location in the Matrix Items tab of the parent product. This also applies to new variants that are added to the parent SKU.
  • You can enter a different inventory qty for each item in each location.
  • If an item will not ever be sold at one of the locations, leave the inventory quantity at zero.

Importing Matrix Products

Adding many matrix products can be time-consuming. In order to speed up the process, we highly recommend completing the Matrix Tab of the Agiliron Products Import Template (found under Products > Products, Product Tools, select "All Fields - Download Template".

  • The sample template will include an example of matrix products so you can see how to enter your information.
  • The "Parent SKU" will be entered into Column B Product Code, with the parent product name (or short description) in Column A Product Name.
  • Matrix Item must be set to "yes".
  • Color/Size - these are the matrix attributes for the child SKUs.
  • Matrix (child) SKU is a required field. Duplicate Matrix SKUs are not permitted.
  • Enter the other required fields in the spreadsheet. You can also export your existing matrix products by navigating to Products > Products, Product Tools, and select "Export All Products". The file titled "Matrix" will show all matrix products currently in your Agiliron instance.