Managing Multiple Price books for Multiple Products

Adding new price or editing existing price in multiple price books for multiple products through a single module

Introducing the new 'PriceBook Wizard' feature to ease the process of managing multiple price books for multiple products. Agiliron users can now set prices under varied price books for multiple products from one place.

This feature allows user to effortlessly set prices as per their choice for one specific product or various products in different price books without jumping from one module to another.

Let's get started with the step-by-step guide:

  • Login to the Admin account. On the Home screen, go to the Products module and click on it.

  • Select Products.

  • On the Products list screen, click on the three vertical dots and select ''PriceBook Wizard" from the dropdown.

  • In the PriceBook Wizard, first, the Data Set Selection window will appear.
  • The user can filter the search by selecting one or multiple options among each or any specific field and proceed to the next step.
  • If a user makes No Selection for the fields below, all the fields get selected by default. User can directly click on the Next button without making any selection.

If there is a large number of products indexed then it can be a bit cumbersome for the user to search product/products from the list. We recommend to use the filter option in Data Set Selection and get the relevant products listed. This will make the process more smooth sailing.

  • For example, let's set a filter for Product Type and select Basic from the dropdown list.
  • You can also set more filters as per your need and get a more precise list.
  • Click Next after setting the search filters.

  • Next comes the PriceBook information where you can see the products and price books.
  • If you proceeded to this step without applying any filter, you can view a complete list of the Products, or else you'll get a filtered list (only displaying products as per the search filters applied).

Below the PriceBook information displayed is for the Basic product type.


  • Here you can add Prices under various PriceBooks for any particular product or multiple products all at once.
    (Move the horizontal scroll bar to view all the Price books which you have created.)

To understand how this feature works, let's take for example 2 products - 'Altec Speakers' and 'AO Sound Card'

  1. For 'Altec Speakers', we have
    a. changed price in PriceBook 'Default'
    b. added new price book information in 'Tiffanys - Vendor'

(Earlier, for the product 'Altec Speakers', the price under PriceBook 'Default' was 90.600, we have changed it to 92.600.)

  1. For 'AO Sound Card'- We have changed the price under the Pricebook called 'Default'
After making the changes, you will notice the change in cell colors. Before proceeding to the next step, get the concept of cell color legend cleared.

Cell color legend explained:

Green - After adding a valid new price in the cell, the cell color will turn green. Make sure you enter only numeric values.


Red - If you enter invalid price or formula in the cell, the cell color will turn red. All values should be numbers. Special characters like $,#,* or alphabets are unacceptable.


Yellow - If you type in the valid formula just like the Excel sheet, the cell color will turn yellow.

Steps to create formula:

  1. Select the cell where the formula needs to be executed
  2. First, type the equal sign '='
  3. Type the equation you want to calculate by entering the cell number and calculation formula
  4. Press Enter to see the completed calculation

Example - In the below calculation we are adding up the value in the Cell 'C4' (Product name - Altec Speakers, Pricebook -Default) and 2

Formula: =C4+2 (75.60000+2)


Answer: 77.600


Note - You can enter any basic arithmetic calculations like Excel in the price cell.

Blue - The price cell will turn blue when there is a price change due to formula recalculation. If a particular product's price in the price book is derived through calculation (by using the value present in another cell) and if that cell's value has been changed then the formula gets automatically recalculated and price cell color will turn blue, displaying the latest recalculated price.


  • Altec Speakers price in Pricebook Default is derived by adding up the Altec Speakers' Price book 'Tiffanys - Vendor' price (cell F4) and 3
    Formula: =F4+3
  • In the below screenshot, we have changed the price in Tiffanys - Vendor Price book

Earlier it was 65.600. We changed it to 63.600

  • When you come back and check the Pricebook wizard -> Pricebook information, the Price in cell D4 - Altec Speakers Default PriceBook will appear blue. (it's due to recalculation)

A warning message is also visible at the top.

Earlier it was 68.600, now it is 66.600.


Continuing with the guide...

  • After making all the necessary changes in the Pricebook information, click Next.

  • On the Confirmation screen, you'll see the product or list of products to which Pricebook information changes have been made.
  • Click on Save to proceed.

  • Download the Xlsx File of the PriceBook information if needed for reference or else directly click on Finish.

More information:

  1. The changes made in the PriceBook Information under PriceBook Wizard module will also be reflected in the related Products and Pricebooks.

Edit PriceBooks Screen for the Product Altec Speakers


Pricebook information

  1. When you revisit the PriceBook wizard, the Data Set Selection (filters) which you had set prior will still be visible. You can continue with the same or modify it as per your requirement.
  1. Changes in Pricebook information can also be done for Matrix items through this PriceBook Wizard. You can set prices even for the individual categorization (user-defined attributes) for matrix item products.