Product Barcode Label Print - Select Currency

Though the default currency is set to US Dollars in the Agiliron System, users can get barcode label printed as per the currency set for the Pricebooks they select (Regular as well as Special).

The currency symbol displayed on the label will be the same as the default currency set for the PriceBook.

Let's understand in detail:

  • Select product/products for which you want to print barcode labels.
  • Click on Print Barcode.


  • You can also proceed without selecting the products, prior. Click on Print Barcode -> Upload CSV or enter product details (Product code, Quantity and Matrix SKU code, if any) in spreadsheet table of the products for which you want to print barcode.

  • Select the workflow of your choice - Standard or Custom

Below example is shown for custom workflow


  • Select the number of copies, location and pricebooks
  • Click on Next

While selecting PriceBook (Regular and Special) whatever currency is set for the particular pricebook, that currency symbol will be displayed on the product barcode label. This applies for both standard and custom labels.


In this example, the currency set for the product Altec Speakers in Pricebooks - Default and Special PB is Australian Dollars.


  • Get the preview of the Barcode label/labels


  1. PDF library used in the Agiliron system does not support symbol. Hence the barcode labels displayed in PDF format will show currency code (example - USD, AUD, INR), instead of the currency symbol.

This is the barcode label preview when you follow standard workflow:

  1. If the default currency is not set for the PriceBook selected then in that case base currency symbol will be displayed on the product barcode label.

Here the base currency symbol is $ (US Dollar)