Pushing Specials to the Walmart Marketplace

  • Products > PriceBooks" tab provides the list of PriceBooks in the system.
  • The PriceBooks can be designated as Specials PriceBook using the checkbox as shown below.

For the specific Walmart Marketplace ( "Settings > Channel > edit" the channel), you can assign a specific PriceBook as being the one for Specials for that channel as shown below.

  • Once the Specials PriceBook has been assigned, any products added to this PriceBook are automatically posted to the Walmart Marketplace as a Product on Sale.
  • It will display in the "Specials" page with strike-through pricing reflecting the Sale Item. The original price is posted from the PriceBook assigned for this channel and the Sale Price from the "Specials" PriceBook assigned for this channel.
  • Note: Walmart does not support a mechanism to provide Start and End dates for the Special pricing (though the Specials Price Book in Agiliron does). So, upon expiration of the Special, the products needs to be pushed to Walmart manually to update the pricing.