Print Barcode for Matrix Item Product with Child SKU Selection

Agiliron users can now print the barcode label for only the child SKUs they select of a Matrix item product.

Before, when a matrix item product was selected, labels for all child SKUs (sub-items) would also get printed. The new updated feature allows to select the sub-items under a Matrix item product for which the barcode label has to be printed.

This feature is applicable for both Standard and Custom workflows.

  • Select a matrix item product.

NOTE - This flow will work only if you select 1 matrix product at a time. Selection of multiple matrix products will eliminate the step to select child SKUs (Select Matrix Items) as SKUs vary for each selected Matrix product.

  • Start with the workflow by clicking on Products -> Products on left menu panel.
  • Then click on three vertical dots (next to Delete button) and select Print Barcode from the drop down list.
  • First step - Select the label type. In the next step, select number of copies, location, pricebook.
  • Select fields to be included on the label (select fields is applicable only when you choose standard workflow).
  • Click on Next.

Below screenshot is of custom workflow.


  • An additional window will appear to Select Matrix Items. This step shows up only when you choose 1 matrix item product.
  • In Select Matrix Items, either type to search or select from the drop-down list, the Child SKUs (sub items) for which you want to print barcode label. You can select one, multiple or all.
  • Click on Next, after the selection is made.

In the example below, we are selecting 2 matrix items.


  • In case of standard workflow, the next step will be to select print format.
  • Select and click on Print.

  • Preview the barcode label/labels in PDF format which are ready for print.

  • In case of custom workflow, the above step is skipped. Get a direct preview of the Barcode label/labels as per the selected template.
  • Click on Export to PDF.

NOTE - If you are printing more than 100 copies then the download PDF process will be carried in parts.

For example, let's enter the number - 300, proceed with the process and click on Next.


In the Barcode Labels Preview, when you click on Export to PDF, the multiple files downloading process will start. Generating PDF for barcode 1 to 100, Generating PDF for barcode 101 to 200.... and so on, the messages will be displayed. Download each set and Save it on your device.



Newly Added - Avery5160 Label Template

Avery 5160 is the new template style added. If you want to print barcodes for your products using Avery 5160 template, refer to Printing Product Barcodes with Specials PriceBook (last section).