Receive Orders - Matrix Items

This section will demonstrate receiving orders for Matrix Products.

  • Select the "Receive" button to begin.

  • Select a Purchase Order from the list or use the search function to locate a particular order.

  • Open the order to view the products listed.

  • Here you can select the quantity received from the drop-down list and enter all the necessary details.
  • Once done, click on the Receive button.

Continue to receive the remaining items on the Purchase Order, if applicable.

  • The status column is now green, showing the full received items. (In case of partial orders, the status will turn yellow).
  • Select "Done" or "Back" return to the Purchase Order list.

The status column now indicates the items on the order are fully received.

  • Select "Done" or "Back or Home" to return to the home screen.

Return to the home screen after receiving the desired purchase orders and select the " "Sync Order & Product Updates to Back-Office".

Please note: The Purchase Order Status will not update to "Received" in Agiliron until all items on the order have been received.