Reorder Levels, Auto-Purchase Order Creation, Inventory Notifications and Supply Chain Management

"Reorder Level" specifies the minimum quantity of inventory you would like to keep in stock for a particular product. If the system detects that the actual quantity in stock reaches this minimum amount, the designated "Product Stock Manager" will receive a notification to this effect. The notification can be turned off for a product using the "Send Stock Notifications" flag in the product form.

In addition, the "Auto Create PO at Reorder Level" checkbox allows the system to automatically generate Purchase Orders for Vendors based on the reorder levels. Once the reorder level is met, a purchase order is automatically generated for the item(s). If several products related to the same vendor reach their reorder levels at the same time, a separate PO will be created for each item. See Section Auto Generation of POs at Reorder Levels for more information.

"Preferred Order Qty" specifies the reorder quantities typically used to order from product supplier or vendor.