Inventory Adjustments

  • Click on the "Products" tab
  • Click on the "Product Name" link
  • Click on the "Stock Locations" tab
  • Click on the "Adjust" icon for the location where you will adjust inventory
  • In the window that comes up
  • Enter the "Quantity" being adjusted
  • Select the "Adjustment Reason" for the inventory adjustment
  • Depending on the Adjustment Reason the inventory will be adjusted up or down
  • Please see "Settings > Adjustments" (under "Configure Accounting" group) for the list of reasons and the mapping to Income/Expense Accounts. Adjustment reasons mapped to Income accounts will adjust inventory up, adjustment reasons mapped to Expense accounts will adjust inventory down.
  • Select the "Sku" that is being adjusted
  • Provide additional "Description" if necessary
  • Using Inventory Adjustment to change inventory ensures that the changes are captured as income or expense line items in accounting.
  • Click the "Save" button.