Optional Auto-Sync (User Selection) for Online Channels

  • Auto Product Update - Any changes to product (triggered by save product) are immediately updated on the channels that the product is placed in (this includes all the product form fields including images)
  • Auto Category Update - Any changes to product category information is automatically updated to channel(s) along with any product mapping changes that may result
  • Auto Inventory Update - Any changes in inventory of a product (manual edits - Add/Delete/Change/Transfer) automatically updates the inventory in the channel that the product is placed in to the available inventory level (Qty in Stock - Qty on SO). If the business does not want the entire available inventory to be placed in the channel then this switch should not be turned on and the desired inventory should be manually selected and placed in the channel (see Section Pushing Products to WebStore for pushing products to channel).
  • Please see Section Adding a New B2C WebStore for details on these settings.