Creating Purchase Orders

The system supports the purchasing goods or services (to resell to customers or internal operations) thru the Purchase Order process. The process shown below allows the user of the system to create a purchase order. Follow the "New Purchase Order" link as shown below.

  • This will bring up the following form for entry of the purchase order information.
  • Enter all the relevant information and flag the appropriate "Status" depending on the current status of the order.
  • Products can be added to the order one at a time or in bulk, see this link for information on adding products to an order in bulk.
  • Please note that multiple payment types can be selected for the purchase order.
  • Click the "Save" button once all the information has been filled in for the Purchase Order.
  • This will then display the Purchase Order in the Detailed View as shown below - here you can
  • Generate a PDF for the Purchase Order using the "Purchase Order PDF" button that can be emailed to the Vendor (Contact Name in the PO) directly or saved as a file.
  • If emailing directly to the vendor, the email template that is used can be found in "Settings > Templates > Email Purchase Order" , this template can be customized there to the business needs using the HTML editor.
  • To email the PDF file, select "Export to PDF", then select the "Email PDF" button in the pop-up to email the Vendor and/or related contacts.
  • Select the checkbox next to each Contact.
  • The "Assigned To" user from the Purchase Order is also displayed as a selection in the Contacts list, check this box to send a copy of the email to the user.
  • Enter additional email addresses in the text box if desired. Separate multiple email addresses by a semicolon.
  • Click "Email PDF" to email selected recipients.
  • Use the "Activities" and "Attachments" sub-tabs to add tasks or additional information to this PO.
  • This purchase order can now be found under the "Orders > Purchase" tab.